Modern Slavery Statement 2021-22


1. Introduction

Incorporated by Royal Charter in 1905, IM电竞平台APP应用下载是一所公立研究型大学,是2006年慈善法案条款下的豁免慈善机构. With a turnover in excess of £744m for the financial year ending July 2021, 根据2015年《IM电竞平台》(供应链透明度),该大学被定义为一个商业组织.

Modern slavery is a crime and a violation of fundamental human rights. It takes various forms, such as slavery, servitude forced, compulsory labour, and human trafficking, 所有这一切都有一个共同之处,即被另一个人剥夺自由,以便为个人或商业利益剥削他们.

As part of the Higher Education sector, IM电竞平台APP应用下载认识到,IM电竞平台APP应用下载有责任采取有力措施,在IM电竞平台APP应用下载的供应链中消除奴隶制和人口贩运.  这份年度声明列出了IM电竞平台APP应用下载在上一个财政年度采取的步骤,以及IM电竞平台APP应用下载打算采取的措施来解决现代奴隶制的问题, human trafficking, 在IM电竞平台APP应用下载的供应链中,强迫和担保劳工以及侵犯劳工权利的行为.

2. The University’s structure, business and supply chains

The University is one of the 24 universities that make up the Russell Group. Members of this group are committed to maintaining the very best research, an outstanding teaching and learning experience, and unrivalled links with business and the public sector.

Welcoming students and staff from over 140 countries, IM电竞平台APP应用下载是一所多校区的大学,由六个院系组成.

IM电竞平台APP应用下载致力于在广泛的学科领域取得领先的学术成就. Our academic departments are grouped into the following five faculties:

  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities
  • Faculty of Engineering
  • Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health
  • Faculty of Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences

In addition to the Faculties above, IM电竞平台APP应用下载有IM电竞平台APP应用下载先进制造研究中心(AMRC), 哪个是世界领先的研究和创新中心与全球任何规模的制造公司合作的网络.

Both the faculties and the AMRC are supported by Professional Services, which is divided into the following structure:

  • Corporate Services
  • Academic Services;
  • Finance and Commercial Services

We also have Overseas Representative Offices

  • Sheffield Advisory Services, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • AMRC South Korea

We are a member of the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) and The University Caterers Organisation (TUCO) both of which are members of UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC).  UKUPC是八个英国采购财团之间的合作伙伴关系,他们创建了一个正式的实体来支持高等教育和进一步教育的协作采购. All eight consortia work together to share knowledge and best practice, to support each other and the wider procurement community.

Spending money with a social and ethical conscience, supporting SMEs, focussing on renewable energy, 确保IM电竞平台APP应用下载采购的商品和服务不受现代奴役和人口贩卖的影响,只是大学采购团队关注的一些方面.

IM电竞平台APP应用下载致力于现代奴隶制和可持续发展问题与更广泛的大学部门通过IM电竞平台APP应用下载的成员 Higher Education Procurement Association (HEPA) and the NEUPC Responsible Procurement Group, which feeds into the National Responsible Procurement Group. Additionally, IM电竞平台APP应用下载是高等教育行业焦点小组的一部分,与社会价值工作组的道德采购实践.

3. Our policies, due diligence, 以及与现代奴隶制和人口贩卖有关的采购行为

除了在IM电竞平台APP应用下载之前的现代奴隶制声明中强调的举报政策和机构工人政策, IM电竞平台APP应用下载在现代奴隶制方面采取了以下做法和尽职调查:

  • 投标供应商将根据其遵守《IM电竞平台APP应用下载》的情况进行评估.
  • 主要工作职能为采购的工作人员接受了高等教育采购协会IM电竞平台现代奴隶制和供应链中保护人权的培训.
  • 以采购为主要工作职能的员工,要么是英国特许采购与供应学会(MCIPS)的合格会员,要么正在积极争取获得该资格.  A code of ethics is in place, 这需要所有国际中心的专业人员提高人权意识, fraud and corruption issues in the supply chain.
  • IM电竞平台APP应用下载与NetPositive Futures合作以满足现代奴隶制法案的要求,以满足IM电竞平台APP应用下载的披露责任.
  • IM电竞平台APP应用下载与IM电竞平台APP应用下载的采购财团,NEUPC和其他高等教育采购财团密切合作,负责采购问题,包括现代奴隶制和人口贩运.
  • 使用HE主商品代码风险分析工具,IM电竞平台APP应用下载遵循国家采购政策声明的要求,在采购周期的所有阶段采取措施识别和降低现代奴隶制风险.
  • 当风险被识别时,IM电竞平台APP应用下载利用UKUPC可持续发展目标问题库来评估供应商如何减轻和管理这些风险.
  • We have developed a process for vetting all new suppliers, regardless of contract value, on the compliance with the Modern Slavery Act.

4. Our future actions


  • 继续在采购部门和更广泛的组织内加强培训和提高对该法案的认识.
  • Continue to discuss the Act with our suppliers, 并确保他们采取适当和适当的行动,在其供应链中根除现代奴隶制和人口贩运.
  • 与IM电竞平台APP应用下载的供应基地合作,承诺遵守APUC维持供应商行为准则.
  • 与IM电竞平台APP应用下载的财团合作,对IM电竞平台APP应用下载的供应基础的合规进行审计和监控.

5. Training and measurement

We will 继续改善IM电竞平台APP应用下载在采购部门和更广泛的组织内的培训和对该法案的认识.  主要工作职能为采购的工作人员将从事持续的专业发展,并接受高等教育采购协会IM电竞平台现代奴隶制和供应链中保护人权的培训. IM电竞平台APP应用下载将衡量接受该法案先进知识和基础知识培训的人数.

6. Review and approval

本声明依据2015年《IM电竞平台》第54(1)条作出,并每年审查一次. 由学校执行委员会批准,总统和副校长签署.

Professor Koen Lamberts
President and Vice-Chancellor

For and on behalf of the University of Sheffield
31 January 2022

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